for Solo Piano
Duration: 6:00 minutes
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“Angoisse is a piece I wrote while in high school. It was the first piano solo that I fully completed and it was written at a time when I was finding myself, when I was coming-of-age. My high school years were wonderful because I had the music outlet I could express myself through, (I went to a performing arts magnet school with focus on piano) but at the same time, I struggled a lot with trying to fit in with the American culture at school and returning home every day to a traditional Haitian household.
After I finished the piece, I searched for a title that captured how I often felt as I played it and found the word “Angoisse” which is French for Anguish.”
-Sydney Guillaume



Angoisse – recording:
Alexander Weitzel, piano


Performance Video (for Harp)

Note: “Angoisse” begins at 29:40



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