C’est Beau La Vie


for SATB Chorus, unaccompanied
Duration: 5:10 minutes

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This composition, “Live is Beautiful” serves as a gentle reminder to look at the glass half full as we course through the joys and pains of life. 


English Text:

To become who you are,
To love what you do.
To do your best,
No matter the outcome.

To share your knowledge
Without prestige.
To help others grow
And never tire.

That’s what life is all about!
Oh yes, life is beautiful!

To alleviate suffering,
To rekindle hope.
To make your light radiate,
All over the universe.

Indeed, that’s what life’s all about!
Oh, how beautiful life is!

Give with love,
Give more than ever.
Give, give, give,
Give and share.

Sing and celebrate life,
Dance and feast to your content.
For in spite of our pains,
And despite the misfortunes,

Life is truly beautiful.

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C’est Beau La Vie – recording:
Choral Arts Ensemble of Portland
Sydney Guillaume, guest conductor
October 2022


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