Chapo Pou Fanm


for SSAA Chorus, unaccompanied
Duration: 4:10 minutes
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Chapo Pou Fanm is a lyrical hymn to women around the globe. Yet it has an upbeat, martial feeling—like a military parade march—showcasing in song women’s strength and natural leadership.

Translation of Haitian Creole text:

Hats Off To Women

For all women who fought in the history of all countries,
For all of us now and all the ones to come,
Hats off, hats off! Bravo, bravo!
Let us shout Hooray!

It is inside us that Kings are made,
In our bellies that Presidents blossom,
We balance out democracy,
And we will fight until the end!

We will fight until the end,
To spread around justice,
To bring a change to all countries,
To bring a smile to life.

For centuries they have suffered,
Pinched their nose to drink smelly water,
But one fine day they revolted
So they could change Humanity.

In Asia, in America,
In Europe like in Africa,
Elbow to elbow all women rose,
Hand in hand to bring a change…

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Chapo Pou Fanm – recording 1:
Vox Femina Los Angeles
Iris Levine, conductor

Chapo Pou Fanm – recording 2:
Ohio State University Women’s Glee Club
Richard Schnipke, conductor

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