for SSA Chorus and woodwind quintet
Duration: 6:40 minutes

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When asked to elaborate on his text of “Dilèm”, my father, Gabriel T. Guillaume, writes: “Human life is a dilemma. We live every day in some sort of confusion that prevents us from flourishing fully. We are body and mind; our daily battle consists of searching for the balance and harmony between these two elements that make up our human reality. This battle is not easy, but we must persevere while cultivating values of love, respect and justice towards ourselves, towards others and towards nature.”

Translation of Haitian Creole text:

Disgusting dilemma, repugnant dilemma,
Infernal dilemma… human dilemma.

You see that my heart is not happy, don’t ask me why.
You see that I am dancing, don’t say I am doing great.
I’m not up, I’m not down,
Life has me backwards!

I’m fighting to go up, dilemma knocks me to the ground.
I’m fighting to move forward, dilemma is holding me back.

I am a whirlwind of joy and of suffering
And my life has forever lost its cadence.
The gangrene of evil disturbed my conscience,
And I searched to no avail for the ultimate salvation.

Ah! Repulsive dilemma, disgusting dilemma,
Infernal dilemma… human dilemma!!

Who will deliver me from this fatal dilemma?
And will good triumph over this evil?

And yet in the depths of my heart I have not lost hope,
The light of truth will destroy darkness…

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