Douce Espérance


for SATB Chorus divisi, unaccompanied
Duration: approximately 7:00 minutes

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English Text:

There was the evening, and there was the morning.
Over the vast chaos God’s hand stretched out;
And the Earth and the Heavens, the Stars and the Seas,
Everything became Harmony – a wonderful Universe.

A manager, an administrator was needed,
A trustworthy Partner to the divine Creator.
Made in God’s image and likeness,
Human Beings painfully entered existence.

We’ve been living the amazing adventure ever since,
Overflowing with joy and great suffering.
But despite everything, we keep our faith,
For our hearts are filled with a sweet hope.

The fruits are ripe and the season is new,
The echoes of peace call strongly to us.
Put down the drawbridges and break down the barriers;
Love knows no bounds, Justice no frontiers.

Sweet Hope!
Enigmatic Hope!
May your flame always brighten our world,
And may your power in our hearts overflow.

Listen, here’s the truth:

What God is holding tight for you,
Floods cannot take away.
What God holds tight for us,
Floods cannot take away.

Ayibobo, Amen!
Amen, Alleluia!

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Douce Espérance – recording:
Seraphic Fire
Patrick Dupré Quigley, conductor
April 2023



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