Ego Sum

for SATBB chorus, unaccompanied
Duration: 8:00 minutes
Published with GIA Publications/Walton Music
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Gabriel T. Guillaume’s text is a dialog between man and his God. This beautiful and rewarding work requires a mature choir advanced high school or college.

Translation of French text:

I am

My heart is troubled and my spirit sighs;
To know You, Lord, is my greatest desire.
Tell me, oh greatest God,
Tell me, what is Your name?

“Ego Sum. Ego Sum; I am that I am…
I am Alpha and Omega;
I am Everything, I am the Infinite.
I am the Word, I am the Spirit.
The Father and the Son all at once.”

But me, I am a man.

“Ego Sum. Ego Sum; I am that I am…
I am Wisdom, I am Madness.
I am the Heart and I am Love;
I am the everyday Friend;
I am Death and I am Life.”

But me, I am just a man.

“Ego Sum. Ego Sum; I am that I am…

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Ego Sum – recording:
Illinois Wesleyan University Collegiate Choir
Scott Ferguson, conductor

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Ego Sum

Ego Sum
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