for SSAATTBB Chorus, unaccompanied
Duration: 3:30 minutes
Published with GIA Publications ( Walton Music )
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A great festival or competition work, with exciting Haitian rhythms. A fun challenge for an accomplished high school choir. A sure audience pleaser!

Translation of Haitian Creole text:


Listen friends, yes you have to listen:
Dance, the best way you can,
It’s thanks to the sounds of the drum.

Dance, the best way you know how,
You can dance as much as you can…
It’s thanks to the sounds of the drum,
Oh, how beautiful
Without which, there would not be any dancing.

Oh how beautiful it would be,
If everyone could find a drum.

Ayibobo! (Victory cry)…

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Kalinda – recording:
University of Miami Frost Chorale
Jo-Michael Scheibe, conductor

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***** NOTE: On the video below, KALINDA starts at 4:53 minutes *****

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