Kanaval (SSAA)


for SATB Chorus and percussion
Duration: 4:50 minutes
Note: It is a breach of copyright law to make more copies than the amount purchased. Please order the number of copies needed for every member of the ensemble, including the conductor and the accompanist.


Revoiced for SSAA voices, this rhythmically energetic piece is about the biggest party in the country of Haiti – its Carnaval. It is sure to excite choirs and audiences alike!

Translation of Haitian Creole text:

Wake up, wake up, the day has come… today is Carnaval!
Let us gather and celebrate…
Shake that shaker, dance that Rara…
Wake up, wake up, the day has come… today is Carnaval!

The young ones are disguised, the grown ups are excited,
Madigra* and Chaloska* are parading,
What a beautiful season,
People on top and people below are united…
It’s Carnaval! Carnaval time is here!

Move forward… no hiting! No pushing!
Jump up and down as you want,
Lossen up, dance however you want… it’s Carnaval!…

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Click Here Traducción al Español



Kanaval – recording 1:
Miami Arts Studio Bellarmonia
Cindy Ellis, Conductor
ACDA Southern Region Conference – February 2024



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