for SATB mixed chorus, organ and conga drum
Duration: 6:40 minutes
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Kinalaganch was inspired by the strength of the Haitian people after the Haiti Earthquake. Despite the gravity of the catastrophe and the incredible amount of suffering the earthquake caused, the people of Haiti continue to demonstrate a strong desire to live and to overcome all their misfortunes.

Translation of French text:


Alas! The loudest wail is heard all the way to Guinea.
Kiskeya is in trouble, for those who do not know.
Mothers lost their children, children lost their mothers.
In a split second, everything turned upside down.

Haiti is turned on its head, She is in trouble.
People have come from everywhere to lend a helping hand.

Our spirits are stunned in the midst of this crossroad;
Everyone asks: Truly, why?
Why so much suffering,
And why so many tears?
How does anyone react to such misfortune?

“Miserere nobis”. Have mercy on us!

No! We must examine the history of Mankind;
Where do we come from and where are we going?
Why is there so much chaos in our country of Haiti?
What is the true meaning of life?

Tight. Firmly.
We are holding on, hanging on tight.
No, “this fall is not the end”
We have fallen, but we will rise.
We are here. Yes, we are here.
We are hanging on firmly…

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SATB mixed chorus, organ and conga drum

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SATB mixed chorus, brass quintet and conga drum (original version)

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