for SSA chorus, unaccompanied
Duration: 3:30 minutes
Published with GIA Publications/Walton Music
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This piece features Haitian rhythms and challenging harmonies. The treble setting uses a text about “harmonizing life’s activities” – dance being one. A great festival or concert piece for developing choirs, well worth the preparation efforts!

Translation of Haitian Creole text:

A time to plant
A time to harvest
A time to work
A time to party
Today we will rest
Today is party time
Color guards, lead on
Musicians, rock on

Beat the drums, blow the trumpet
Play the violin and clarinet
Musicians, singers, let’s rock on
Let’s sing, danse meringue and kalinda
Today is the big feast
We’ll party like there’s no tomorrow
Without danger, nor fear
We’ll sing and dance
As life requires it…

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Koudjay  – recording 1:
The Woodlands High School Varsity Treble Choir
Lynn Bull, conductor

Koudjay – recording 2:
Bear Creek High School
Nathan Payant, conductor

Koudjay – recording 3:
Miami Children’s Chorus
Timothy A. Sharp, conductor

Koudjay – recording 4:
Rockford Women’s Chamber Ensemble
Mandy Makita-Scott, conductor

Koudjay  – recording 5:
Marshall High School
Kelli Pierson, conductor

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