Koute – Tande


for SATB Chorus divisi, unaccompanied
Duration: 1:45 minutes
Note: It is a breach of copyright law to make more copies than the amount purchased. Please order the number of copies needed for every member of the ensemble, including the conductor and the accompanist.


( for all 3 movements together, go to: Diplomasi. )

Links to the other 2 movements’ separate page:
I. Onè – Respè
III. Men Ale – Men Vini

Translation of Haitian Creole text:


We look, but we do not see everything.
We speak, but we don’t say it all.
Those who have ears, may they listen;
Hearing is one thing, listening is another.

To listen well,
We must hear well.
When you speak, I will hear.
I will hear, and I will listen.

Friends: Hear and Listen.
Before you begin to speak,
Hear, and Listen.

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Koute – Tande – recording 1:
The National Junior College of Singapore Choir
Lim Ai Hooi, conductor

Koute – Tande – recording 2:
Ichinoseki Daiichi Senior High School in Japan
Izumi Yokoyama, conductor


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Performance Videos

( Koute – Tande followed by Kalinda )



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