La Providence


for SSA Chorus, unaccompanied
Duration: 7:30 minutes
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This is truly a powerful piece of music. La Providence takes inspiration from the words of Saint Mother Thèodore Guèrin, who founded the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary of the Woods. Together with profound words and breathtaking music, La Providence is a beautiful reminder to trust in the Providence of God, and to let His will be done.

Translation of French text:

God’s will be done

For all women who fought in the history of all countries,
For all of us now and all the ones to come,
Hats off, hats off! Bravo, bravo!
Let us shout Hooray!

God of Providence,
You who have never failed us,
Be blessed now and always.
You created all things with an eternal love,
For our greater good You gave them to us.

The bird, our brother, does not sow nor harvest;
Though for him to be fed, oh Lord, You provide.
A simple lily, a tiny flower,
Surpasses the splendor of the great King Solomon.

God of Providence,
You who have never failed us,
Be blessed now and always.

Why must we worry of the things to come?
Why so many concerns for our future?
God of Providence, Master of the Universe,
You give to your children more than is needed…

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La Providence – recording:
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Madrigals
Michael Boswell, conductor

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