Peyi Mwen


for SA Chorus, flute and piano accompaniment
Duration: 3:00 minutes
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This is an arrangement of a popular Haitian song from the 1980s written by Pierre Rigaud Chéry & Yves Lavaud. It was sung by the children group Piti-Piti. See the YouTube video of the original song below. The text includes the popular Haitian proverb: “Beyond the mountains, more mountains” (Dèyè mònn toujou gen mònn).

Translation of Haitian Creole text:

My Village / My Country

My village has many mountains,
Behind the mountains, there are always more mountains,
There are many little waterfalls,
And many little birds chirping.

If my village does not plant,
The city will not find food.
Everyone, love the farmers.
They are the source of our lives.

Behind the mountains, there are always more mountains,
Behind the mountains, the sun rises and sets,
Behind the mountains are hidden stories of my village.
Behind the mountains, wisdom abounds…

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Peyi Mwen – recording:
Miami Children’s Chorus (world premiere)
Timothy A. Sharp, conductor


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