Réfugié, Mon Frère


for SSA Chorus with piano accompaniment
and optional String Quartet
Duration: 6:00 minutes

Note: It is a breach of copyright law to make more copies than the amount purchased. Please order the number of copies needed for every member of the ensemble, including the conductor and the accompanist.


This piece was written in 2017 at a time when DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was being debated in the United States because of a suggested end to the program that granted temporary protection from deportation to nearly 700,000 young people. As an immigrant from Haiti
who migrated to the U.S. with my family at 11 years old, I was deeply affected by the uncertain future the “DREAMers” were facing through no fault of their own.

Since the premiere of the piece in 2018, there have been some gruesome acts against immigrants and refugees, including children being separated from their parents at the U.S. border. My hope is that this piece brings to focus a part of the immigration debate that is often forgotten – the humanity of the refugees fleeing their countries.
-Sydney Guillaume

Translation of French text:

Refugee, My Brother

I don’t know where you come from
And I don’t know where you are going;
On the road of life I heard your footsteps,
Not too far ahead of me.

Refugee, my brother,
The world is yours

You search for your light buried by hatred;
You speak of your life lost under the rubbles,
All the while escaping death hidden in the shadows.

Refugee, my brother, exiled from Afar,
The world is yours.

We are all travelers on the roads of the earth,
And our lives intertwine in roving lanes,
Without rhyme nor reason.
We are all travelers on the roads of the earth…

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Réfugié, Mon Frère – recording 1:
Lewis & Clark College Voces Auream
Brandon Brack, conductor
Stephanie Thompson, piano
Bailey Dean, soloist

Réfugié, Mon Frère – recording 2:
Resonance Ensemble
Katherine FitzGibbon, conductor
David Saffert, piano; Adam Lamotte, violin; Jennifer Estrin, violin;
Hillary Oseas, viola; Elizabeth Marshall, cello

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